Belarusian MPs adopt appeal to international community in connection with Belarus situation


Belarusian MPs have adopted an appeal to the international community in connection with the situation around Belarus, reports the Telegram channel "Pool of the First."

"We, the MPs and members of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus - the authorized representatives of the Belarusian people, appeal to the international community to impartially assess the situation around our country, when under the guise of fighting for democratic values there is an aggressive all-round pressure on the sovereign state and its citizens, in flagrant violation of the basic principles of international law on non-interference in the internal affairs of states. Such actions pose a real threat to international peace and security and violate the universally recognized provisions of the United Nations Charter, of which our country is a founding member," reads the appeal.

The authors of the appeal believe that instead of support and development of mutually beneficial cooperation a number of states actively contribute to destabilization of the situation in Belarus. "A massive information aggression is deployed against us, aimed both at involving our citizens in destructive activities aimed at a coup d'etat, and at creating an extremely negative image of the country in the international arena," they stressed.


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