Take Grand Duchy nobles back to the past and bake your own bread: family vacation is this summer’s new offer in Silichi


While Belarusians were following flight cancellations and changes in air routes, there started a big summer season, unexpectedly. But not for travel companies. Despite the circumstances, they prepared interesting vacation options, one of which is "Summer in Silichi". The offer is not for entire three months, of course, but for 7 days or 3 days. But there will be enough impressions for the whole year, said Dmitry Morozov, head of family recreation projects of CENTREKURORT, in the interview with Smartpress.

How did you come up with the idea of the program?

We took into account the pandemic situation, air travel barrier and the summer theme. After all, many Belarusians will spend their vacations in their homeland... That's how the options for recreation for the whole family came into being. There are facilities that have recently undergone renovation, they have been prepared to provide a wide range of educational, entertainment and recreational service. On the basis of these criteria CENTREKURORT has chosen Silichi, and offer to spend the "Summer in Silichi". In May 2021 a new medical treatment building with modern equipment opened there. In addition, there was renewed the nature trail was renewed, and new sports equipment was purchased.

We offer 3-day and 7-day programs, it’s up to you to choose depending on your time, resources and preferences. The 7-day program is our primary recommendation, since it gives enough time to fully immerse in the Belarusian history and culture... Every day will be full of interesting storylines.

So is content the main thing? And does your program have a national color?

The product is totally new. We may say that it is an intellectual recreation. In the last few years there was an understanding that the niche was in demand. But at the same time there was no such package product, so this year we created it.

For example, the first three programs with starting dates on June 21, June 28 and July 5 will be dedicated to the Kupala Night. According to tradition, some holidays in Belarus are celebrated twice - according to the old and the new style. So, you can celebrate the Kupala Night several times with a clear conscience. Moreover, June 21 is the day of the summer solstice. It will be the start of the 7-day program. So, there will be wreaths in the water (there is a small lake in Silichi) and jumping over the fire. In addition, on the International Day of Yoga we will have a live broadcast from New Delhi, and a certified yoga expert will conduct a workshop on the mountain in Silichi.

Besides, one of the days is devoted to folk rites, traditions, our mythology. You will be able to your own bread yourself and learn how our ancestors conducted this important process. It is also a story about how the worldview of the Belarusians was formed through objects, nature elements, boulders, mountains. This is the part of culture which was a reality for our ancestors.

On one of the evenings there will be a tour of the sky of stars. It will be conducted by Dmitry Skvorchevsky, candidate of historical sciences and author of the book "Following the Footsteps of the Gods". He will tell you what Belarusians used to call constellations in previous eras. The constellations, indeed, had other names: for example, our ancestors called the Great Bear Woz. It will also be possible to find out where meteorites fell in Belarus. At the risk of jumping rather ahead, I will say that it was near Borisov - a direct hit in a barn. The whole village was surprised! There is an idea to download an astronomical application on your smartphone and on the tour, even if clouds do not allow it, you will be able to see the constellations.

On the main day, which is Saturday (both for those who come for a week, and for those who come for a weekend) there will be a historical quest. I will not reveal all the secrets, but I will say that a professional team of actors and animators is preparing a real performance. You will have to help the Grand Duchy nobles to return to their era. And in the evening there will a fire show!

Any other interesting items on the program?

There will be a lot of activities in Silichi. We will offer traditional sports, such as football volleyball, carting, and archery tournaments with prizes. In addition, there will be a yoga seminar, as I have already said, and breathing exercises every morning.

And you should always remember that Silichi has a great base, and you can always find other activities for an extra fee, such as taking a class with a tennis coach.

Isn’t that too much?

Well, a 7-day program implies quite a long time that will enable you not only to immerse in the theme, but also to relax. There's no rush, like on an excursion, where you have to always be in a hurry.

The stories unite 7 days as a background, but you can gave secluded time, go to the spa, take a walk, do what you like and what you are in the mood for. We sell the fruit of intellectual labor in collaboration with biologists, historians, and tour guides. That's the basic premise, but it doesn't mean that people have to do every assignment from dawn to dusk.

I would like to emphasize that the program also includes health rehabilitation procedures. In fact, Silichi is an alternative to a health resort vacation, only an interactive one. There is a set of modern therapeutic equipment, there is a bathhouse and a swimming pool.

We focus on family packages and expect everyone to be comfortable. The children can do their own things, the adults can do their own things. By the way, most of the rooms are two-storied and it is easy to stay separate on each floor without disturbing each other.

Have Belarusians shown interest in the program? What is the cost of the vacation?

Yes, we have seen interest and we receive bookings. Some bookings are made from Russia. The cost of the 3-day program starts from BYN 375 for an adult and BYN 255 for a child, while the cost of the 7-day program is upwards of BYN 970 and 599 respectively. 

Please tell us about the arrival schedule

We are expecting our guests to arrive every Monday from June 21 till August 23 for a 7-day program and every Friday for a 3-day program. The 3-day program will be available till September 24.

Thank you! 


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