Gaidukevich names "formalism in ideological work" among reasons for 2020 protests

Belarus has to form its own ideology to be a strong state, said the Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party, Deputy Chair of the Standing Commission on International Affairs of the House of Representatives Oleg Gaidukevich on SmartAir.

In his words, Russia has done a lot to form its ideological basis. “We should do it, too. The question is how we do it, and how successfully we do it. Do we manage to get to people' hearts or is it just a formal approach with follow-up reports?", the member of parliament added.

He said that one of the reasons for the 2020 events in Belarus was the formal approach to ideological work, among other things. "Millions of reports, tonnes of paperwork, with no real action behind it. The 2020 events proved it, because nothing ever happens without internal reasons," said Gaidukevich.

"If we do not reshape this work now, if we do everything the old-fashioned way, then in three, four to five years we will face even sadder events. So we should never relax," he added.

Gaidukevich said that the recent ONT film ("Kill the President") about the conspiracy and coup d'etat  proved that "to resolve the political controversies in the society, we have to completely remove the external factor from Belarusian politics."

"One thing we have to understand is that whoever receives funding from abroad, whoever is in contact with foreign intelligence, whoever goes to other countries and gets political aid there - these people will never stand up for national interests and we have to remove them from politics. Otherwise we will not be able to build any kind of consent in the society," said Gaidukevich.

In his words, the state must prevail everywhere, take the initiative and be ahead. "Unfortunately, we always act late, we always have to react to something that has already happened. This is a mistake of the authorities, this is a mistake of the state, and we must act more consistently," he added.

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