No negotiations with opposition abroad - Gaidukevich


There will be no negotiations with Belarusian politicians residing abroad. The only action that can be taken in their regard is detention and imprisonment, said Leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, member of the House of Representatives, Deputy Chairman of the International Affairs Commission Oleg Gaidukevich on SmartAir.

"There will be no negotiations with those who found a comfortable hideout in hotels in Lithuania and Poland, despite the attempts of some European countries to organize them," said Gaidukevich.

Gaidukevich believes an attempted coup d'etat in Belarus resulted from the defeat of street rallies. Commenting on the role of the film "Kill the President" by ONT TV channel in fighting protests, Gaidukevich agreed that it played a certain role, but "even before the film a huge role was played by the so-called protest leaders themselves”.

"Disappointment in them appeared approximately in October 2020. People see very well that instead of fighting they (Belarusian opposition represented by Svetlana Tikhanovskaya and Pavel Latushko - Smartpress) live in good hotels in Poland and Lithuania, get good financing and do not think about the country, but think about themselves. That was when many people face disillusionment," sais Gaidukevich.



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