Western sanctions push Belarus towards closer integration with Russia – Gaidukevich


Leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, member of the lower house of the Belarusian parliament, Deputy Chairman of International Affairs Commission Oleg Gaidukevich said on SmartAir that recently Belarus and Russia had made great progress in the sphere of military integration. In his opinion, Western sanctions and pressure will only accelerate the rapprochement of the two countries.

"The more Belarus is pressed by sanctions, the greater political pressure it faces, the faster integration will progress. Of course, we will move in the direction where we see support, where we have a supporting shoulder - it could not be otherwise," said Gaidukevich.

He added that as a member of the International Affairs Commission, he communicates a lot with European politicians. "They already understand that this year’s events have pushed military and national security integration ten steps forward. And there is more to come," Gaidukevich noted.

"It is normal. I am convinced that this year as a result of this pressure on both Russia and Belarus we will proceed with other areas of integration, too. We are well aware of the fact that we need to be stronger, and in order to become stronger we will integrate in those areas that are beneficial for both of us," the politician said.

"There is no other option. Because if we do not respond, no one will feel sorry for us, no one will talk to us. Only the strong are talked to, but no one talks to the weak - they are listened to," Gaidukevich added.


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