Belarus reports budget deficit at 5% of GDP


The state budget of Belarus was executed with a deficit of BYN 1.8 billion (4.96% of the GDP) in January-March 2021, the Ministry of Finance reported.

The revenues of the state budget totalled BYN 5.6 billion (23.9% of the adjusted plan for the year), and expenditures amounted to BYN 7.4 billion (25.6% of the yearly plan).

Proceeds from VAT came at BYN 3.4 billion (24.5% of the yearly the target), excise duties – BYN 0.8 billion (26.5%), income tax – BYN 0.6 billion (18%). Revenues from foreign trade operations totalled BYN 1.2 billion (30.5%).

As much as BYN 4.1 billion (30.5% of the target) was spent on nationwide activities, BYN 1.2 billion (20.1%) on financing the national economy, BYN 4.8 billion (24.3%) on financing the social sphere.

The budget of the Social Security Fund was executed with a surplus of BYN 0.1 billion (its revenues totalled BYN 4.8 billion and expenditures made BYN 4.7  billion).

As previously reported, in 2020 the national budget was executed with a deficit of BYN 1.9 billion (1.3% of GDP).

Budget 2021 was adopted with a deficit of BYN 4 billion (2.6% of projected GDP).

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