KGB requests legal assistance of U.S. in investigation of conspiracy against Lukashenko


The State Security Committee of Belarus named nine "coup plotters" and requested legal assistance from the United States.

"Nine people have been identified as defendants in a criminal case initiated by the KGB under Part 1 of Article 357 (conspiracy or other actions aimed at seizing state power) of the Criminal Code," said KGB spokesman Andrei Yarosh. He was quoted by the state news agency BelTA.

According to him, the defendants are Alexander Feduta, Yuri Zenkovich, Grigory Kostusev, Olga Golubovich, Dmitri Shchigelski, Alexander Perepechko, Pavel Kulazhenko, Vitaly Makarenko and Igor Makar. The first four are held in the KGB detention facility.

Yarosh said that the General Prosecutor's Office applied a measure of restraint in absentia against Shchigelski, Perepechko, Kulazhenko, Makarenko and Makar in the form of detention.

"The KGB investigation department submitted a request for legal assistance to the competent justice institutions of the United States. It is requested to help locate the defendants, interrogate them, perform other investigative and procedural actions aimed at a comprehensive study of all the circumstances of the case. The issue of extradition of these persons to Belarus has been initiated, too" informed the KGB representative.

Similar orders with regard to Igor Makar and Vitaly Makarenko will soon be sent to Lithuania and Ukraine, respectively, he added.

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