Lukashenko urges police to act tough “while protecting the interests of our people”


Appointing new heads of the Internal Affairs Departments of the three Belarusian regions, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that there's no need to be mild while protecting "the interests of our people," as reported by the presidential press service.

"You are the people in uniform and the situation urges us to act tough while defending the interests of our people. We do not protect ourselves. Protecting millions of people (and our country is a transit country, so interests overlap) - that's the question," said Lukashenko.

The president demanded from the police to ensure reliable protection of the interests of Belarusian citizens. "You know the positions you are appointed to. Your positions cover three-quarters of the country today in this difficult situation, which is both inside (it seems to be calm, but you shouldn’t relax) and outside. You see what's going on," said Lukashenko.

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