Deputy Prime Minister: Belarus focuses on import substitution under sanctions pressure

The EU sanctions have not closed the major markets of agricultural equipment for Belarus, but they have boosted import replacement, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Subbotin told Smartpress on Wednesday during tests of the fundamentally new grain seeder AMKODOR.

"As far as sanctions are concerned, those countries that we were delivering equipment to are still importing it. The only thing is that some things have become problematic, such as parts that were shipped from Europe. We are looking for replacement and focus on import substitution. Now we start producing everything on our own, from wheels to manipulators," said Subbotin.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of AMKODOR holding managing company, Alexander Shakutin, said in his turn that AMKODOR was solving the problem of localization of any assemblies, which were previously purchased from the West. "Okay, we had no plans to produce some things on our own, but we were forced by life to embark on it. In six months we will make manipulators (for logging equipment - Smartpress), and harvester heads in a year. Who will benefit from it? We will, because the production cost will be lower, we will give jobs to our people, we will gain competence, and in the end we will reduce the cost of our products. And it will be more competitive than before," he said.

"We consider any sanction as a positive thing. There is no problem at all. Our reply to the EU is hard work, and we continue our normal course of action. Neither the West nor the East can stop us," Shakutin said.

In his words, the scientific and technical potential, which has been preserved in Belarus, enables the country to solve these problems. "We have great scientists, designers, technologists, they can work wonders. It is not a problem to build any machine today. And there is no problem to localize it either, the main thing is to have sufficient funds for investment," he added.

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